How to Write an Erotic Story

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If you enjoy a good erotic novel, you can write one too. There are many genres, characters, and publishing requirements to consider. Read on to find out how to write a great erotic story! Posted in erotic stories, novels, and poetry


Genres of erotic stories have been around for centuries. The first were the Victorian and the Romantic, which included sexy scenes between characters who admired each other. Throughout history, erotic literature has been influenced by the lives of various people. From the 18th century, directories of prostitutes served as a source of entertainment and instruction. Other examples of erotic literature include The Happy Hooker: My Own Story by Dutch madame Xaviera Hollander, to the more contemporary Belle de Jour, which was published in 2005.

Erotic fiction has also branched out into other genres. Genres of erotic romance, horror, and fantasy have all emerged. Despite their short lifespans, erotic romance is still one of the most popular types of romantic fiction. In fact, the number of erotic romance books is nearly double that of the contemporary romance subgenre. With a rising number of consumers who are looking for erotic stories, it has become a huge market for romance writers.

The genres of erotic fiction have varying levels of sexual content. Genres of erotic romance contain strong sexual content but often have a happy ending. Erotic romance can be a gateway to erotic women’s fiction. A romance novel often has an emphasis on sweet relationships but has explicit sex scenes. While erotic romance has a higher degree of realism than erotic fiction, it’s a genre with which readers gravitate.


To be successful, an erotic writer needs to develop believable character dynamics. While the dashing hero will make for a great romance, he will likely not be enough to keep a story moving forward. Readers enjoy erotic characters with believable traits, interesting personalities, and fun dialog. Readers may also be interested in the characters’ hobbies and beliefs. Of course, the heroine must be a worthy partner for her sexy hero.

The climax of an erotic story often involves the protagonist accepting their kink. Characters in erotic stories may also change over the course of the story, and a few of these changes can be portrayed in the novel. There are numerous sources for ideas, including erotic novels published on Amazon. While there are many tips and tricks for writing an erotic story, one of the most important is understanding the subgenre.

Erotic stories are often about passion, lust, and desire. Whether the characters are men or women, the sexual tension between them is often portrayed in detail. This often includes steamy dialogue and heated scenes. Readers are likely to want to experience the same sensations as those characters, and erotic novels are the perfect choice for this. In order to learn how to write a great erotic story, it’s helpful to study the first pages of popular bestsellers within the genre.


Erotic fiction requires a high level of eroticism. Some examples of erotic novels are Darkfever and Highlander Chronicles. Others may be fantasy stories. You must remember that erotic stories are not for the faint of heart! For more on writing erotic fiction, check out the following guidelines:

Erotic novels are short, often between sixty and eighty thousand words. The climax in erotic stories is often the character accepting a kink, or making some other transformation. These changes will create an intense atmosphere and allow readers to anticipate the next action in the story. If you are interested in writing erotic romance, consider reading some of the best-selling novels in the subgenre to get a feel for what makes an erotic novel.

Vignettes are short pieces of writing that capture the reader’s sexual imagination. These scenes can be standalone or part of a larger story. Vignettes are best exemplified as individual sexual encounters or parts of a relationship narrative. However, the reader may find it hard to imagine what’s going on in a scene if it’s based on the story’s entire plot.

Creating an erotic novel involves spending a considerable amount of time building characters. Readers want to connect with the characters and understand the motivations of the characters. “50 Shades of Grey” features intense lovemaking scenes, and it also revolves around the characters of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. Regardless of whether it’s a love story, the reader wants to know who is behind the scenes.


There are several different publishers of erotic stories. Some are specific to the genre, while others may not have specific requirements. Depending on the type of erotic story you’re writing, you may want to consider submitting it to one of these publishers. Some publishers, like House of Erotica, will accept manuscripts of any length, while others may only consider stories over 30,000 words. It is best to look over the publisher’s submission guidelines before submitting your manuscript.

A great way to submit your work is through an e-book. While most erotic stories are sold in electronic form, audiobook sales are growing. Rose Caraway, who hosts the KMQ Podcast, advises authors to consider making their stories available in audio format. Her audience, for example, prefers the privacy and intimacy of audio to reading. While some writers enter the erotic fiction market in search of easy money, most authors write for pleasure, and few make writing their sole source of income.

Another popular publisher of erotic fiction is Breathless Press. This publisher specializes in m/m romance and e-books, and their authors are known for their high-quality writing. Other genres they publish include historical, fantasy, and science fiction. For a wide range of erotic fiction, Dreamspinner Press has titles ranging from quiet romance to out-of-this-world lovers to heated dreams. The parent company of this imprint is Eclectic Soul Publications. Both publishers have an impressive track record.

Anastasia Parkes

If you’re looking for an erotic story that will captivate you, look no further than Anastasia Parkes’ newest novel. Oxford-educated and a mother of three, Anastasia Parkes is a writer of short stories and human interest articles. She is known for taking on subjects that are intensely personal to her. Under the pseudonym Maria Lucas, she has published two novels and two short stories.

The story’s plot is amazing and the author explores the darker side of Anna and Anastasia’s psyche. There are inaccuracies, however, especially when it comes to the imperial family pets. The small spaniel, Jimmy, was actually given the name of ‘Ashley.’ The story’s historical accuracy is based on minor points, which makes it a fascinating read.

Primula Bond

Despite being a published author, Primula Bond prefers to be anonymous. She uses a pseudonym to protect her privacy and is not comfortable with the idea of her face being photographed while writing. While she writes erotic stories and works for newspapers under her own name, she keeps her personal life private. But she shares this secret with friends and family. Here’s what you should know about her work.

The Unbreakable Trilogy is a series of three erotic romance novels written by Oxford-educated Primula Bond. These novels chronicle the passion between Gustav Levi and Serena Folkes. The series also includes a short story and novella collection. In addition to writing erotic stories, Bond also offers writing critiques to aspiring writers. You can follow her on Twitter @PrimulaBond.

The Golden Locket is the second book in the Unbreakable Trilogy. The protagonists, Gustav and Serena, live in an exclusive Manhattan penthouse. They’re in their first flush of love, but trouble begins to brew. Meanwhile, Gustav’s damaged younger brother makes an appearance with a dangerous threat. With the help of their friends and family, they must survive the temptations in New York City and face their retribution. For lovers of erotic romance, this novella is sure to please.